Downtown Ventura Partners

Ventura, California

Downtown Ventura Partners (DVP) contracts with Block by Block to offer our Park Ambassador program in Downtown’s public spaces and historic core. This includes in and around Mission Park, Plaza Park, the Promenade and bike path, as well as Kellogg Park along Ventura Avenue.

The Downtown Ventura Park Ambassadors are easy to identify in Downtown public spaces. They are unformed in red and black and frequently outfitted with a bicycle.

The Park Ambassador duties are far ranging and include:

  • Ensuring our parks and public spaces are safe and welcoming for all to enjoy.
  • Observe and report: While on patrol, Ambassadors are to be watchful for unwanted behaviors or criminal activity and report to Police and/or dispatch via established communication methods. They have been trained to articulate accurate description or persons, vehicles and other similar identifiers.
  • Address unwanted activities: Ambassadors will firmly and courteously request compliance to persons violating low-level quality of life crimes, such as open containers, aggressive panhandling, non-aggressive panhandling, loitering, disruptive behavior, etc.
  • Hospitality and customer service: While on patrol, Ambassadors go out of their way to actively acknowledge park users with a friendly greeting or identify visitors in order to provide directions, information, city information or recommendations.
  • Cleanliness: Ambassadors help keep our parks clean with trash pick-up being their first on-duty task. When they start their shifts they open the park restrooms and serve as a monitor to ensure public restrooms are welcoming to all users. If there are any issues, they will lock the bathrooms for safety.
  • Stakeholder relations: Ambassadors will be responsible for making regular contact with City Public Works staff, Ventura Police Patrol Task Force, Parks staff, homeless caseworkers, as well as visits, as needed, to adjacent businesses to share information and make professional contacts on behalf of DVP.
  • Reporting: Ambassadors develop written incident reports and daily written reports to document shift activities.
  • Professionalism: Ambassadors maintain a positive and professional presence at all times.
  • Physical abilities: Rain or shine our Ambassadors work to serve the community.

CA Security Licensing Number: PPO12629

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Number of Blocks 24 - Serving Since: 2010