Posted on Wednesday May 3, 2023 by Ambassador Spotlight

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Leader in the Making

Ambassador Spotlight: Kevin Hallenberger

From exchanging only a few words with people and facing challenges in his hospitality role to becoming a confident and capable team lead for a growing night shift crew, Kevin Hallenberger has undergone a significant transformation.

Kevin has been working at Block by Block for 13 years, beginning his journey when he was only 19 years old. During his tenure, he has tried his hand at all the different roles offered at the Minneapolis Downtown Improvement District, from being a Safety Ambassador to a Cleaning Ambassador and even working on the Special Projects Team.

Initially, Kevin was a very shy and introverted individual and didn’t quite fit the mold of an outgoing and talkative Ambassador. However, with time, he began to break out of his shell and became a leader. Angel Johnson, Operations Manager at Block by Block, remembers him as “a man of few words” but acknowledges how much he has changed over the years.

Kevin’s father, Dave Hallenberger, who is also one of the first Ambassadors at Block by Block, advocated for Kevin to secure the position when he first applied. Kevin has always been grateful for his dad’s support and guidance.

“He is completely different from when he first started. He takes ownership of what he does.” Dave shares.

As the years went on, Kevin developed his leadership skills and now heads a team of people during the night shift, which is a testament to how far he has come. Although working during the night shift can be challenging, Kevin has learned to adapt. He now operates the street sweeper, an essential part of keeping the city clean, and recently, his crew has been given the responsibility of ensuring that trash cans are emptied way before people return to the city.

Despite the challenges that come with working the night shift, Kevin finds it rewarding. He enjoys the peace and quiet of the city during those early morning hours, and he takes pride in knowing that he is making a difference in his community by keeping the city clean.

“He can make decisions, and he takes action, and that’s what makes him such a good leader,” says Angel.

Kevin’s journey at Block by Block is an inspiring one. Starting as a shy and reserved teenager, he has now become a confident and capable leader. His story is proof that hard work and dedication can lead to great things.

“I like to take the initiative when I see something needs work. Sometimes I have to hold back my questions for the managers since I work when they are usually off,” says Kevin.