Our People

Our management team brings together people from a variety of industries along with people that have practically grown up in our business.

We designed the Block by Block operating model to always have the capacity to be consistently involved in your program. You should always expect an engaged team, not just when issues arise. It is this level of engagement that prevents issues. This is a stark contrast from other competitors.

Who says you can’t pick your family? We did!

We really value the team we’ve assembled and we think you will too! Not only is our team talented, but they’re the type of people you look forward to working with. As we always say, we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously, which is on full display in our 2019 Holiday card photo.

Meet the Team

National Support

Blair McBride
Derreck Hughes
Vice President of Operations
Carin Cardone
Division Vice President
Daniela Vasile
Division Vice President

Regional Support

Anna Schmoll
Regional Vice President - Midwest
Anthony Boone
Regional Vice President - Midsouth
Clayton Ratledge
Regional Director - Atlantic
Semu One Bear
Regional Vice President - Northern California
Brian Perkins
Regional Vice President - Great Lakes Region
John Koch
Regional Vice President – Texas Region
James Wells
Regional Director
Michael Curreri
Regional Vice President – Northeast
Johnny Linares
Regional Director of Operations for Northern California

Field Support Services

Adrian Garcia
Project Manager – Albuquerque
Chico Lockhart
Outreach Coordinator
Jamie Lambert
Director of Field Support
Angela Grether
Recruiting Manager
Michelle Aubrey
SMART System Manager
Hanna Woods
Project Manager of Business Development Support
Kasun Marshall
Administrative Assistant
Reid Shober
Recruitment Team Leader
David Buschermohle
Manager of Graphics and Design
Mike McDermott
Logistics Manager
Kori Parvin
Financial Manager
Michael Chou
Project Manager of Graphics and Design
Wayne Weese
Project Manager

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