Our Story

Our Story

Where We Started

Born from Brantley Security Services, an event management and private security services company tracing its roots back to 1930, Block by Block began serving our first downtown district, Louisville Downtown Partnership, in 1995.

How We Evolved

Through word of mouth, we found ourselves taking on new cities, including Cincinnati, OH and Nashville, TN. Block by Block was created as we started serving our fifth district. This came at the same time as people were beginning to buzz about spending more time in their downtown areas, and in many cases, living in the city center.

At this time, we recognized the broader need for a company specializing in the unique needs of business districts and began expanding beyond traditional clean & safe services. We brought an understanding of how valuable the customer service and personal interactions are in how people feel about their overall experience downtown.

What We’re Doing Now

Today, we serve more than 150 unique programs nationwide, including other aspects of the urban experience such as parks and transit systems. We still serve our first customer, Louisville Downtown Partnership, and in fact, are headquartered just down the street!

Our understanding of experience and perception carries through to everything we do now.

  • Roots in private security and event management
  • Emphasis on customer service
  • Starting with our hometown district to get our feet wet
  • Great service and follow-through leads to word of mouth referrals
  • Creating our own identity as Block by Block
  • Expanding to “Clean and Safe” services that branched out to many other opportunities

Our Timeline

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