Potential Customer

How Can We Help?

Of course, every city is unique, but odds are your challenges are similar.

Chances are you’ve found your way here because you’re interested in improving your public space, whether that’s a downtown business district, a park, a transit system or even a city as a whole.

For more than twenty-five years we’ve been helping organizations of all types improve how people feel about their spaces through unique ways. Our customers have found we’re far better suited to fulfill these unique needs than traditional janitorial, security or landscaping providers.

What initially started out as ‘clean and safe’ has taken on a multitude of dimensions to include outreach to the street population, hospitality services for destination areas and even services beyond downtown business districts.

While the types of services have evolved one thing has remained consistent. All of our services are provided through friendly people, who we transform into great Ambassadors for the places they work.

Why Block by Block?

There are many reasons why people select Block by Block. With one decision our customers tap into our complete operating model, which has been developed over twenty-five years!

Traditional Janitorial and Security Providers
Other Service Providers Specifically Serving BIDS

Provides services to existing Business Improvement District type organizations across the country.

Has a broad understanding of the challenges and nuances of serving in the outdoor public right of way.

Privately held with independent decision-making ability.

Has a demonstrated commitment to having a robust infrastructure providing for ongoing, meaningful engagement with customers.

Has their own innovation lab that is funded internally to develop future best practices for customers across the country.

Developed their own proprietary Statistical Tracking Software specifically for Improvement Districts at no cost to their customers.