Louisville Lab

Where we're free to be mad scientists.

When we moved our offices to Downtown Louisville in 2015 we recognized the immense benefit that we could test new processes, theories, ideas and equipment right outside our door–sort of like a mini R&D department! In 2016 with the help of our customer, the Louisville Downtown Partnership, we were able to formalize what we refer to as the Louisville Lab. Through their support in allowing us to freely pilot new initiatives we’ve been able to test drive a number of products and equipment pieces relevant to our space, while developing new initiatives related to our operating model. Of course there have been a few failures, but far more successes!

Here are just a few of the many examples of things that have come from the Louisville Lab:

  • Earth Planter Usage
  • A better articulated, full ‘Anti-panhandling campaign, with all supporting pieces
  • Event T-shirts

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