Potential Employees

Hi! We’re glad you’re here.

You’ve come to the right place if you:

  • Want a job where you can make a difference in your community every day
  • Like being part of a team
  • Like to smile and help others
  • Want to work at a place that wants you to have fun, while being productive
  • Want the opportunity to advance, rather than just holding down another job
  • Like the idea of working outdoors (Don’t worry! We’ll dress you for the weather!)

You’re maybe not in the right place if you:

  • Don’t like people
  • Don’t like your city
  • Don’t like coming to work
  • Don’t like having fun

We’ve worked to create a package of unique benefits and meaningful things that set us apart from other service companies. Check out our current employee page to see some of the cool things that set Block by Block apart.

Oh yeah, we’re also serious about moving up. Nearly 80% of the folks in our upper management all started off doing something else in the company. Check out our Leadership Identification Program page for more information!

More than anything, we’ve worked to create the company we’d want to work at if we were looking for a job. Again, we’re glad you’re here!

A Day in the Life

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