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At Block by Block, we don’t just share best practices – we make them! We’re so excited to connect with the attendees of IDA’s 2023 Placemaking, Operations and Security Summit. While you are in Minneapolis, you will get a firsthand look at the program we’ve operated for Minneapolis Downtown Business Improvement District (MDID) since 2009. We pride ourselves in being a forward-thinking company that is consistently evolving to better serve our customers. Whether it’s security, cleaning, hospitality, outreach, landscaping or the many other specialized services we provide, Block by Block is continually bringing new innovation to the programs we operate to better the spaces we serve.

Hopefully after you see our assortment of program enhancements there’s only one question – if you could get all of this with one decision, why wouldn’t you?

Our Team

Our customers benefit from the depth of our team.

General Manager MDID

LaVelle Warfield

Operations Manager MDID

Angel Johnson

Operations Supervisor MDID

Marcus Troy

Marketing Operations Storyteller

Diana Dundukova

Regional Vice President – North Plains

Anna Schmoll

Operations Manager Saint Paul Downtown Improvement District

Ashley Borud

Director of Outreach

Chico Lockhart

Division Vice President

John Koch

Vice President of Strategic Growth

Aaron Perri

Service Enhancements

Security Initiatives

People think of Block by Block as the friendly Ambassador company, but we’re also the friendly security company too!

In places like Hollywood and West Hollywood, our uniformed security personnel are actively engaging and deterring socially unacceptable behaviors. Our revamped security look is designed to present a more authoritative presence and response. Block by Block is licensed as a security company in many states.

Cleaning Initiatives

You can have effective cleaning equipment that’s environmentally friendly, too!

After significant testing in our Louisville Lab, we’re excited to announce the latest equipment innovation for our customers – fully electric sweepers. These sweepers allow us to be more efficient by covering more ground than manual cleaning or by using less equipment. In addition to being efficient, this European line of equipment is durable and easy to maintain. Block by Block is currently the only American vendor with access to this equipment through our exclusive partnership with the manufacturer.

Mobility meets cleaning!

Another piece of equipment we’ve implemented to the field after testing through our research and development team at the Louisville Lab is the power washing trike. These trikes allow our teams to tend to unsightly spills, stains and other messes quickly and effectively in our districts. The nimbleness of these units makes them far easier to deploy than a full power washing unit. Power washing trikes also help acknowledge your districts commitment to alternative mobility with a smaller carbon footprint.

Hospitality Initiatives

As downtowns are working to regain their pre-COVID image, it’s important to emphasize the great experiences downtown districts have to offer. Part of this is having friendly, welcoming people that reinforce the positive image. We’ve been working to develop unique tools and enhancements that will make your program look even larger!

Feather flags create a hospitality beacon!

Have a large event, but a smaller team? Want to make the Ambassadors stand out in that crowd? We’ve found Ambassadors deployed with a highly-visible feather flag can be spotted much easier and help visitors identify that friendly, helpful Ambassador that can make their visit even better. Feather flags add increased visibility for your Ambassador Team while adding value to the program for your stakeholders.

Mobile info carts!

Everyone loves the visitor information kiosk, but what if the epicenter of your district activity is always different? Our mobile kiosk trikes are easy to deploy to any area of your district to create a highly visible hospitality presence wherever you go. The large storage box is great for displaying a district map and even handing out water or souvenirs from. The carts create a distinct addition to your program’s hospitality presence.

But Wait! There’s More.

We’ve worked to develop even more elements to help add “Wow!” to our downtowns.

Flower towers add that special vibrancy to key areas!

Want to make that large impression in key areas without a huge investment? Maybe you’re looking to add a new dimension to your landscaping program by moving beyond regular flower pots, hanging baskets and ground level beds. Our newly designed flower towers can provide just that as an anchor to our already fantastic landscaping programs.


No one understands the importance of branding a district at the street level better than Block by Block. We’ve expanded our capabilities to include design, printing and installation of district banners. Working this marketing into existing services provides a tremendous amount of operational and cost efficiencies for our customers.

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