Leadership Identification Program

Our next great leader might already be here...

We're glad you're here and part of the Block by Block family. There are a variety of reasons why great people choose to join our ranks. Maybe you're here because you want a stable job that allows you to contribute toward the expenses of life, such as groceries, paying utility bills or keeping a roof over your head. You might be here because you're picking up some part time hours to supplement your income at your primary job. Maybe you're retired and like getting out of the house to contribute to your community and connect with others. These are all great reasons to join Block by Block and we're glad you're part of our family!

Now, just maybe, you're trying to find that right organization where you can plant roots, put your critical thinking skills to work, grow your skills, and find some upward mobility so you can grow your income with more responsibility that supervision and management require. If this is the case we're interested to know more about you.

Started from the bottom now we're here

You might be interested to know that most key people in our organization have started out in frontline positions. Click on the videos below to find out a few stories of individuals that have grown up with Block by Block:

First job with Block by Block: Cleaning Ambassador
Started working with the company in 1994.

First job with Block by Block: Operations Supervisor
Started working with the company in 2000.

First Job with Block by Block: Operations Manager
Started working with the company in 2003.

First Job with Block by Block: Safety Ambassador
Started working with the company in 2005.

So here's the deal:

Every year, for a variety of reasons, we hire or promote Team Leaders, Operations Supervisors, Operations Managers and even members of our corporate staff. If we're able to pick, do you think we'd rather hire someone fresh off the street, who doesn't know us and we don't know them or, do you think we'd rather select someone who we know knows our systems and understands "the Block by Block" way?

We'd much rather promote someone who we know and trust! Now this being said there are a still a number of reasons why it's a good idea to hire from outside your own ranks periodically, such as the ability to tap into fresh ideas, someone who knows the community, etc.

Before you start the engagement process with us about future opportunities there are a few things you should know about some common traits we look for and expect in leaders at Block by Block:

  • You have to have good leadership skills. The best Cleaning or Safety Ambassador doesn't necessarily make a great Team Leader or Manager. Part of having good leadership skills is also having good decision making skills – you know, being able to evaluate all of the information at hand and determining how to handle someone or a situation. It's important to know what we've laid out step-by-step on how to handle a lot of scenarios that our Team Leaders or Managers face and how to handle those, but still, you must have good common sense and rationale decision making abilities.
  • You must have a sense of urgency and a 'can do' attitude. There's always a lot to do with every position at Block by Block. The best leaders in our company make things happen. They find ways to get things done. They are resourceful. What they don't do is continually find reasons why things can't be done and they don't continuously put things off until tomorrow. Block by Block was built on people getting things done NOW.
  • Want to know the most efficient way to 'move up the ladder' with us? Be flexible! When you look at the shining stars in Block by Block they're often the people that step up when we need them the most or when there is an opportunity. This might include:
    • Making themselves available – after 5pm the pedestrians in the places we serve are there by choice. These are people we want to really impress. We need great people that want to work evenings and weekends.
    • Relocating or Commuting – based on the nature of our business many of the opportunities to advance might be in another program in another city. Over time it's proven that our employees with the flexibility to relocate advance faster than those without this ability.

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So now that you understand a bit about leadership within the Block by Block ranks are you ready for more than a job, but a long term path to grow professionally and personally?

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