Downtown Sioux Falls Holiday Lights

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Brian and Winston light up Phillips Ave.

By: Jacob Newton

Posted: Nov. 15, 2023

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Two men, one yellow ladder, one little red pickup and totes packed with holiday lights. This is the scene as Brian Gochal and Winston Flowers, a pair of Downtown Sioux Falls Ambassadors, work their way up and down Phillips Avenue, working to transform the street for the holiday season.

Gochal and Flowers are both in this role for the first time, and Flowers says the directive of ‘go put up some Christmas lights’ is a bit bigger of a job than the pair had expected.

The two have been out in the streets off and on for the past few weeks, stringing up lights. On Wednesday the two were enjoying the weather, a balmy 60°F. “Two weeks ago it was freezing,” remarked Gochal.

Though they’ve been working on décor for the better part of a month, they’ve been focused on lights on Phillips for the past two days.

Despite the limited man-power, the pair are working quickly. They have a technical deadline of The Parade of Lights on Nov. 24, though Gochal expects they’ll be done well before that.

Overall, Winston says the two have 25 trees and 74 light poles to decorate with a mix of lights and garlands.

One side-effect of this work? The two have been in the Christmas spirit since about Halloween, they say.