June 10, 2020

Dear Block by Block Team,

Over the last week we’ve worked to take care of the many places, which have become the gathering points for individuals in our communities who have been speaking out against racial injustices. Now that much of the work is easing and we can catch our breath, it’s important for us as an organization to lend our voices to speak out against the injustices and racism that is still alive in our communities. So in no uncertain terms, the most pressing work has only begun.

We know for many on our team this hits home far beyond the heartache, anger and frustration that each of us have experienced watching events like the unwarranted deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor; who was killed in our home city of Louisville. We want you to know we stand with you.

Going forward we challenge and support you in becoming involved in your community in a highly constructive way. As a company we’re also in search of ways that we can raise the voice of the community in a manner that influences change and support. As a starting point we’ll be making a donation to the Muhammad Ali Center here in Louisville to help them advance the mission of helping young adults and adults pursue greatness in their lives and in their communities.

Fighting systemic racism and injustice in our community is a highly complex issue that will have implications in nearly every institution, so we must find ways to involve ourselves in the solutions. There are many ways to get involved and we encourage you to identify and take action in one or two ways that are specifically important to you.

Sometimes it’s taking action and making a difference to create the community we each want, which gives us a relief from things that we find most frustrating and so far out of our control. We saw this in action on Sunday morning after the protests in downtown Louisville, when people showed up from every part of our city to the Operations Center of our Louisville Downtown Partnership Ambassador Team with their own brooms and trash bags. People needed to feel connected with something good at a time when everything felt so bad.

Additionally, we know there is a huge range of emotions. If there is something that you’re struggling with, please know we’re here to help. Between your manager, our team and our Employee Assistance Program we want you to be supported.

In closing, each day we’re asked to rise to the occasion to deal with unusual circumstances. That’s just what we do. That being said over the last several months our teams have been called upon to respond during the COVID outbreak and now in response to protests, many of which became destructive. We couldn’t be more proud of how our team has performed even through these emotionally challenging times. For this we’re incredibly grateful.

As always we stand together and we thank you again for everything you continue to do!