Ohio City Ambassador Services


  • Clean up litter, cigarette butts, leaves, gum and other waste to keep sidewalks and public spaces neat and attractive.
  • Empty public trash receptacles along the sidewalk and in Market Square Park.
  • Remove graffiti, decals, flyers, paint, posters and stickers from public spaces.
  • Wipe surfaces like trash cans and benches to remove dust and grime.
  • Straighten fixtures like news boxes and trash cans.


  • Patrol the district, acting as the eyes and ears for police. On duty until midnight at the latest, Ambassadors follow a preset schedule and make regular stops by businesses on their route to gather and share security-related information and concerns.
  • Provide free safety escorts within the district. Ambassadors will walk you to your car, escort you to a business, or wait with you at the bus stop until the bus arrives. To request a safety escort, please call 216-903-7509.


  • Interact with visitors in the neighborhood by providing directions, restaurant recommendations, and even umbrella escorts when it’s raining.
  • Provide motor vehicle assistance including changing a flat tire, jumping a dead battery, or helping drivers who have locked their keys in the car.
  • Check-in with businesses on a regular basis.
  • Serve as a friendly, welcoming face in the neighborhood.


  • Clean and Safe Ambassadors are trained to interact with the homeless. They can call on the the Ohio City Neighborhood Steet Outreach Worker, who can work one-on-one with individuals in need. The service has helped scores of people in need to make connections with the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless (NEOCH)
  • If you or someone you meet in the neighbborhood needs assistance please call 216.801.5218 or email Stephanie Thomas at  Thomas@neoch.org


  • Maintenance of Market Square Park, sidewalk planters, and other improvements in Ohio City’s public spaces including landscaping, upkeep and repair of furniture, bike racks, and other ameneties on a seasonal basis
  • Installing adequate public lighting for public spaces near around the District.
  • Removal of snow on the sidewalks throughout the entire District when snowfall exceeds 2″