City Center Partnership (Columbia)

Columbia, South Carolina

So who are those knowledgeable, helpful folks in the yellow shirts riding and walking around downtown Columbia? They’re the Main Street District’s Clean and Safe Ambassadors, but many people just know them as the “Yellow Shirt Ambassadors.”


Many folks have seen them at big events like Soda City Market or one of our many festivals, but the ambassadors’ visibility is much larger. They operate seven days a week from 7 AM to 11:30 PM and cover the Main Street District jurisdiction (36-block area bound by Assembly, Marion, Gervais and Elmwood), plus both sides of Elmwood Avenue from Bull Street to Lincoln Street.


The Yellow Shirt Ambassadors have been operating within the Main Street District since 2002, providing cleaning services and public safety information. From removing litter and graffiti to maintaining contact with businesses and residents, and even shuttling people to their destination, the Yellow Shirt Ambassadors are here to help. They also remain in contact with CPD when needed.


To get in touch with the Yellow Shirt Ambassadors, call their customer service line at 803-587-7831, or find them in their bright yellow shirts along the street.

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Number of Blocks 36 - Serving Since: 2002