City of Albuquerque

Albuquerque, New Mexico

This program has been in Albuquerque since 2006, originally as part of the Downtown Action Team. Ambassadors provide cleanliness, hospitality, and outreach. They are available to answer the public’s questions and develop relationships with businesses to help curb crime and keep an extra set of eyes in the community.

City Solid Waste (Albuquerque) Program staffs approximately eight ambassadors and an operations manager. Ambassadors carry out duties, which address basic cleanliness issues, such as litter, graffiti, weeds, leaves, power washing and a wide variety of projects which change the outward environment of downtown Albuquerque. Safety Ambassadors patrol downtown two nights a week on foot as a visible deterrent to unwanted activity, observing, reporting and provide hospitality to the pedestrians visiting the area. All staff members are trained to be Ambassadors of downtown and are empowered to go out of their way to provide great service in an effort to shape positive perceptions of downtown.


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Number of Blocks 86 - Serving Since: 2015