Downtown Grand Rapids Inc.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

The team of specially-trained Ambassadors, attired in distinct uniforms, will serve to enrich the experience in downtown Grand Rapids by enhancing public safety efforts, supporting a high quality of life, and generally assisting residents, workers, and visitors.

They are trained as social service outreach professionals, capable of responding to concerns about public drunkenness, loitering, and homelessness in a swift and respectful manner.

The Ambassadors will provide directions, assistance, and information to downtown goers. They also are knowledgeable about local ordinances, prepared with radios, and will have a positive influence on downtown safety by serving as the “eyes and ears” for the Grand Rapids Police Department.

The Downtown Ambassadors are a dedicated team of dynamic and responsive professionals that keep Downtown clean, beautiful and welcoming.

Attired in bright orange and blue uniforms, the Ambassador team is comprised of local citizens who share a common affinity for Downtown and an intimate understanding of what’s happening around the neighborhood.

Downtown Ambassadors are on the job 7 days per week. Don’t hesitate to stop them for directions, information about events, places to eat, an umbrella escort when it’s raining or other assistance.

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Number of Blocks 149 - Serving Since: 2013