Downtown Long Beach Alliance

Long Beach, California

The Downtown Long Beach Alliance (DLBA) is a non-profit organization operating on behalf of the tenants and commercial property owners of the Business Improvement District. It is dedicated to the management, marketing, security, maintenance, advocacy, economic and community development of the assessment districts in cooperation with the City of Long Beach and the private sector.

Downtown Clean Team

They are the beautifiers and stewards of Downtown. Whatever descriptor you prefer, Clean Team porters and pressure washers are passionate champions dedicated to maintaining the places where people walk, sit, and connect.  Their “One Downtown” approach includes 150 blocks, 6 neighborhoods, and more than 33,000 people in an area of 1.38 square miles.

Starting at 5 AM, before many businesses open, the Clean Team crew sweeps away liter and debris to help keep the Downtown district looking attractive throughout the day. Going above and beyond what is provided by the City, they perform several services including pressure washing (Click for schedule), graffiti removal and more.   Learn More >

Downtown Safety Ambassadors

They are highly trained. Wearing distinct red shirts with gray pants – they are easy to identify.  These goodwill ambassadors are eager to lend a helping hand to anyone in need throughout our community. DLBA Safety Ambassadors patrol the streets of Downtown every day on foot, bike and Segway, all to help create a better quality of life for everyone. They support residents, workers, and visitors with a variety of services including giving directions, providing safety escorts and helping to jump start cars with dead batteries. Safety Ambassadors also say something when they see something serving as extra eyes and ears for the Long Beach Police Department to assist in crime prevention.  Learn More >

Outreach Services

Building trust. DLBA’s Quality of Life Ambassador works to develop relationships with individuals experiencing homelessness in Downtown. The goal is to help connect our unhoused neighbors to social service agencies including the city’s Multi-Service Center. The Quality of Life Ambassador offers individuals on the street essential items and encourages them to pursue a path to housing. To support a healthier and safer Downtown community for everyone, DLBA shares its outreach data and collaborates with city and community partners to address the barriers in assisting the unhoused. Learn More >


CA Security Licensing Number: PPO12629


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Number of Blocks 150 - Serving Since: 2010