Newtown Macon

Macon, Georgia

Newtown Macon Business Improvement District “BID” started in July 2017. Block By Block became a part of the improvement plan in January 2019. This is our first Ambassador Program in the state of Georgia. We have 4 Ambassadors on the ground providing Cleaning Services such as keeping our streets Litter, Graffiti and Weeds free. Our Cleaning Team also provides world class hospitality services whether its giving directions, parking meter instructions, holding an umbrella for you on a rainy day or just having a slight conversation. We provide a Special Projects Team which will be Pressure Washing and assisting the City in many ways to keep the sidewalks and streets looking Fresh and hazard free with our See, Click, Fix App. We also provide a Safety Team to our District for our vitalizing and eventful nightlife atmosphere. Macon Ga. is known for its amazing historic sights, movies/shows being filmed in downtown and for being the Festival Capital Of Georgia with 19 Festivals and Events that happen annually. It services over 200,000. employees and visitors every year. Its no wonder we get the title “Macon Is Where Soul Lives”.

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Number of Blocks 25 - Serving Since: 2019