NewTown Macon

Macon, Georgia

NewTown Macon is an independent non-profit focusing on economic development and revitalizing Downtown Macon. Since 1996, NewTown has made downtown safe and beautiful and fun and affordable, while keeping it local.

NewTown established downtown Macon’s first Business Improvement District (BID) in 2017, recognizing the need for funding dedicated to improving the cleanliness and overall safety of downtown Macon. In January 2019, NewTown contracted Block by Block to manage the daily operations of the BID and hire a capable and friendly team of Ambassadors.

The NewTown BID Ambassadors focus their efforts on creating a clean, safe, and friendly experience in downtown Macon. Ambassadors provide cleaning services such as removing litter, graffiti, weeds, and dog waste; complete special projects such as pressure washing and painting curbs and bollards; and offer hospitality assistance to visitors. NewTown’s BID Ambassadors work closely with Macon-Bibb County’s Parks and Beautification Department, the Bibb County Sherriff’s Office, and downtown business owners to meet the dynamic needs of a vibrant downtown district that boasts 400+ businesses and 1000+ residents.

Since NewTown established the BID, the district’s value surged from $180 million to $330 million, representing an 83% increase in downtown property values. Downtown property owners voted to renew and increase the district’s geographic area in 2022. Through NewTown’s partnership with Block by Block, the NewTown BID has become a critical and necessary tool for downtown Macon’s ongoing revitalization. The NewTown BID is Block by Block’s first Ambassador program in the state of Georgia.

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Number of Blocks 25 - Serving Since: 2019