Rochester Downtown Association

Rochester, Minnesota

The Rochester Downtown Alliance’s Clean and Safe Ambassador Program in downtown Rochester provides cleaning, hospitality, and safety services to the 44-block special service district (SSD). Since its launch in July 2020, the Clean and Safe Ambassador Program has helped downtown Rochester address many small issues that previously added up to an overall feeling of neglect, insecurity, and disinvestment.


  • Sweeping or removing litter from sidewalks, curbs, and other areas of public space
  • Pressure washing sidewalks on a scheduled basis (weather permitting)
  • Locating and removing graffiti from buildings, sidewalks, and sidewalk/street fixtures
  • Performing seasonal weed removal, leaf blowing, shoveling around ADA sidewalk ramps, fire hydrants, and public spaces


  • Serving as an extra set of “eyes and ears” to the Rochester Police and Fire departments
  • Providing safety escort services for the intended audience downtown
  • Reporting code enforcement and “quality of life” concerns to appropriate agencies
  • Monitoring and reporting deficiencies to appropriate city contacts to ensure streets remain bright and clean
  • Applying trained knowledge of social outreach when interacting with the public


  • Providing information and responding to inquiries regarding downtown businesses, government, educational facilities, services, facilities, and events
  • Providing directions
  • Conducting street surveys and distributing informational materials as needed

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Number of Blocks 45 - Serving Since: 2020