San Leandro Improvement Association

San Leandro, California

Block by Block serves San Leandro Improvement Association with both Safety and Cleaning Ambassadors.

Cleaning Ambassador Services

  • Sidewalk sweeping, litter, and debris removal
  • Power washing food spills and stains on sidewalks and public plazas
  • Graffiti, sticker, and handbill removal
  • Feces and urine removal from sidewalks and building frontage
  • Assistance relocating unsheltered sleepers from businesses

Safety Ambassador Services

  • De-escalation of non-emergency situations*
  • Report suspicious behavior or vehicles
  • Address public nuisances such as public drinking or smoking
  • Wellness checks on unsheltered neighbors

CA Security Licensing Number: PPO12629

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Number of Blocks 30 - Serving Since: 2020