The District – Downtown Columbia

Columbia, Missouri

Block by Block employees work, no matter the season or weather, to ensure The District of Downtown Columbia is clean and welcoming to its visitors by doing all sorts of things that individuals like you and me may take for granted.  While there’s no cheese display to organize, the District Ambassadors of Block by Block are steadily laboring behind the scenes, in plain sight, by keeping the safety and sanitation of downtown a priority.  These Ambassadors remove graffiti from signs and buildings, sweep and power-wash sidewalks, dispose of trash from the various cans around The District, collect and recycle cigarette butts, track broken curbs, overflowing compactors, and any street or alleyway lights whose helpful illumination is found temporarily absent, and report these and other needed repairs to the City for restoration.

That’s not all.  District Ambassadors give directions, help connect people with resources, and regularly act as an initial point of contact for folks experiencing crisis.

The next time you visit The District, see if you can spot them in their distinctive ambassador jackets and hats, and maybe wonder over to share a simple word of appreciation for the essential work they do to keep Columbia’s downtown district a great experience year-round.

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Number of Blocks 24 - Serving Since: 2015