Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore

Baltimore, Maryland

A year-round Security program serves as additional ‘eyes and ears’ of local law enforcement deters unwanted activity. A seasonal hospitality program utilizes exceptionally outgoing and friendly people to actively engage the public and offer assistance in the form of visitors information, recommendations or even just taking a group picture. Block by Block provides ongoing consulting to the cleaning program, which is provided through a local workforce development program to provide supervision and guidance on environmental cleaning to maximize the WPOBs investment into cleaning.

Clean Services

Our waterfront is a treasure we all share. Our clean teams are committed to making sure all of our parks, public spaces, and promenades are clean, welcoming, and attractive. Here are just some of the services they provided this past year:

  • 333,0111 Pounds of Litter Picked Up

  • 2,618 Pieces of Graffiti Removed

  • 626 Hours Spent Power Washing

  • 24,668 Garbage Cans Cleaned

Safety Services

Our teams work to make sure everyone who visits the waterfront leaves with an impeccable impression of our wonderful city. Whether they are helping to snap a family photo or giving advice on the best lunch in town, our guides are there to make sure visitors and residents are happy, safe, and satisfied. Here are just some the services we offer to keep our Waterfront safe:

  • 34,282 Guests Assisted

  • 977 Segway Patrol Hours

  • 3,041 Safety Escorts

  • 75 First Aid Assists

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Number of Blocks 57 - Serving Since: 2007