Beautifying the Resort Area, Block by Block

City of Virginia Beach Ambassadors

An inside look at the Virginia Beach Ambassadors Program

By Kelsey Thomas, Virginia Beach Visitors Guide

Locals and tourists alike take pride in the cleanliness and safety within the city of Virginia Beach, specifically at the Oceanfront. The Virginia Beach Ambassador’s Program operates year-round in Virginia Beach and provides cleaning, safety and hospitality services that make the environment a beautiful destination beyond just tourist season.

Operating in over 100 cities throughout the United States, the program first planted roots in Virginia Beach in March 2021. Some of their services that go into maintaining the positive atmosphere that the Virginia Beach Oceanfront is known for include litter collection and cleaning, guest hospitality and resource efforts, patrol shifts and homeless outreach.

You’ve probably seen the people in bright yellow stationed in various spots in the resort area of the Oceanfront. These are the Virginia Beach Ambassadors who rotate shifts seven days a week and whose typical work day starts as early as 5 a.m. While their morning begins with an operations brief from the Operations Manager or Team Lead, they spend the majority of their day out on the streets.

Virginia Beach Ambassadors Program

Covering from 1st to 40th Street on Atlantic Avenue, including side streets, as well as the 17th, 24th and 31st Street parks and monuments, ambassadors navigate the resort area collecting litter, removing graffiti and stickers, cleaning public trash receptacles and conducting pressure washing operations.

Amid their cleaning efforts, the ambassadors also remain alert and ready to assist the public, whether it be by answering questions about the area or providing resources or recommendations about where to eat, where to find public restrooms, upcoming events and more. Their information kiosks are provided during high volume events and can be found in high public transit areas. They primarily serve as what Operations Manager Carlos Torrespablos describes as “an information locker on wheels,” storing all of the materials necessary that will enhance a visitor’s stay, and are accompanied by ambassadors who are ready to answer any questions or concerns a guest may have.

In addition to being a public resource, the Virginia Beach Ambassadors provide a tremendous amount of extra security to the resort area. As they patrol Atlantic Avenue on foot, they monitor the area for signs of any suspicious activity.

What inspires the Virginia Beach Ambassadors to work so tirelessly to contribute to the community day-in and day-out? Torrespablos mentions that there’s no greater satisfaction than “maintaining a smile on the faces of our guests. We are problem solvers and an encouraging force that is always welcoming in the delivery of our services to all.” Whether it be by providing the public resources that enhance a visitor’s trip or maintaining a clean and safe environment, these ambassadors make the Virginia Beach resort area an oasis for all one block at a time.