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K-Town Connect Ambassador Program

When you see our friendly team out and about downtown in their bright green attire, feel free to ask for directions on where to park, eat and generally have fun. The K-Town Connect team is a fantastic source of information for your downtown experience. For additional assistance, maps and more, be sure to stop by the Visit Knoxville Visitors Center at 301 S. Gay Street.

Our Ambassadors help improve our downtown by providing the following services:

Hospitality and Information – Ambassadors greet pedestrians and provide general assistance, maps and/or directions, information on historic sites, shops, restaurants, public transportation, other places of interest and general information that may be helpful and welcoming. Ambassadors help and support the general public to address a wide range of situations and needs, such as: assistance with the use of parking meter stations, repairing a flat tire, opening a door, escorting employees to parking garages, and by offsetting any potentially negative experience with a positive interaction.

A Visible Presence Improving Quality of Life – Ambassadors circulate throughout downtown to create a highly visible, accessible, outgoing, and inviting presence, with an attitude of friendly professionalism, superior customer service, and hospitality—placed strategically to address critical issues or needs at key times, and as needed. All Ambassadors are trained to appropriately handle situations in a firm, yet courteous, manner. In addition, ambassadors discourage aggressive solicitation and other prohibited behaviors, and provide information and support to Visit Knoxville. Ambassadors also check on the welfare of our most vulnerable populations and work within the many Knoxville resources to connect those in need with assistance.

The K-Town Connect Ambassador Program operates a first shift 7am-3:30pm Sunday through Saturday and a second shift 3:00pm-11:30pm Wednesday through Sunday. Questions? Call (865) 393-3195 for details.

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