Posted on Wednesday July 3, 2024 by Downtown San Francisco

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Block by Block Expands Programming in San Francisco to Yerba Buena and Downtown

A group of Yerba Buena CBD Ambassadors pose for a photo while wearing matching uniforms on a downtown sidewalk.

Yerba Buena CBD Ambassadors pose for a photo. Photo courtesy of Josh Felise.

San Francisco, CA (July 1, 2024) – Block by Block is proud to announce the addition of two new clean and safe Ambassador Programs to its roster of San Francisco Programs: Yerba Buena Community Benefit District (CBD) and Downtown San Francisco Partnership. With the addition of these two programs, Block by Block now provides services to more than half of the CBDs in San Francisco.

Twenty Ambassadors will begin in Yerba Buena, while a Team of seventeen will work in the heart of Downtown San Francisco’s financial district, providing cleaning and safety services seven days a week. Each contract is for a three-year period that also includes hospitality, special projects and dispatch.

The addition of Downtown Ambassadors will connect Union Square, another district with Block by Block programming, with Yerba Buena. These moves are part of a larger “Action Plan for Downtown’s Heart.” The plan states that “The twin neighborhoods of Union Square and Yerba Buena, connected by San Francisco’s downtown spine of Market Street and Powell Street station, are where hospitality, entertainment, arts and culture, retail and tourism (HEART) combine to draw visitors and residents alike. It is a unique district with a deep history and tremendous potential.”

Part of this initiative also includes continuing Block by Block’s Union Square and SF Travel Ambassador Programs, which have both already experienced widespread success.

Block by Block has a robust history working in downtowns since their first program launched in Louisville, KY in 1995. More than strictly a clean and safe service provider, Block by Block has developed an optimized operating model built on best practices, research, development and modern technology that has attracted partners in more than 150 locations nationwide, including improvement districts, parks, college campuses, transit systems and other public spaces.

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A group of Downtown San Francisco Partnership Ambassadors walk down the street together while wearing two matching. uniforms.

Downtown San Francisco Partnership Ambassadors walk down the street together. Photo courtesy of Josh Felise.

About Downtown SF Partnership

Downtown SF Partnership leads the way in building a thriving downtown where business gets done, people feel welcome, come to explore and make memories.

They are a nonprofit CBD working to enhance the downtown core, the traditional Financial District and historic Jackson Square through public/private partnerships, placemaking, activating the public real, clean and safe operations, marketing support, economic development and more.

Visit their  FAQ page to learn more about them.

A Yerba Buena Ambassador smiles for a photo.

A Yerba Buena Ambassador smiles for a photo. Photo courtesy of Josh Felise.

About Yerba Buena CBD

Yerba Buena CBD is a nonprofit dedicated to improving the Yerba Buena neighborhood in Downtown San Francisco — the City’s cultural district. The Clean Team, Community Guides and Bike Patrol Officers help to keep the public spaces clean, welcoming and safe. They promote district businesses and attractions, hold events, and enhance public spaces. They work with our volunteer Board of Directors and committees and as partners with residents, world-class museums, Moscone Convention Center, hotels and educational institutions to enhance the neighborhood.

Click here to learn more.