City of Coral Gables

Coral Gables, Florida

Block by Block been providing Hospitality and Cleaning services to the Coral Gables District since December of 2017. A team of 8 Ambassadors are on the streets to address cleaning issues such as litter, gum, weeds, graffiti and emptying of over 65 garbage cans numerous times daily. Additionally, power washing, utilizing a scrubber machine, Billy Goat and sweeper are services provided through a great relationship with the Parking Director of the Beautiful City of Coral Gables. Hospitality Ambassadors are also on the street seven days per week to actively engage the citizens, visitors and business owners to serve as a welcoming presence to the millions of people who make their way into the district each year for the many different events scheduled. Miracle Mile consists of four long blocks with a great retail and restaurant list to pick from. We also have a full block named Giralda Avenue that is closed off just for restaurants.

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Number of Blocks 8 - Serving Since: 2017