Downtown Austin Alliance

Austin, Texas

Downtown Ambassadors Program

The Downtown Ambassadors are the cornerstone of our direct services program. Every day our team of approximately 50 ambassadors works from 6am to 11pm removing trash and pressure washing streets. Our ambassadors are stewards for downtown and a resource for locals and visitors. They provide information, assistance, local insider tips, cleanup, beautification services and reporting.

During the pandemic, the Ambassadors began performing enhanced sanitization of downtown infrastructure, including benches, light posts and door handles. They also maintained public handwashing stations in high-traffic areas. The Ambassadors follow social distancing protocols and guidelines for personal protective equipment, in accordance with the latest guidelines from local health officials.

By supporting and promoting downtown businesses, beautiful parks, open space, nightlife, arts and culture, we make it a welcoming place for everyone.

Keeping Downtown Austin Safe and Welcoming

Our team routinely audits city systems, infrastructure and services to ensure public spaces downtown are maintained. This decreases 311 calls. The Ambassadors also coordinate with other city services such as Austin Resource Recovery, Austin Public Works and Watershed Protection on repair projects.

Contact the Downtown Ambassadors at (512) 937-7422 or via our Service Request form for public litter or waste removal, graffiti removal, sidewalk-cleaning issues, general information, safety escorts, flat tire, a battery jump or help with a flat tire.

In case of emergency, call 911 immediately. To report crimes after the fact or request city infrastructure repairs, call 311.

Hours of Service

7 days a week from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm

Ambassador Service Priorities


  • Litter and graffiti removal
  • Cleaning streets and sidewalks
  • Non-harmful bird and bird waste management


  • Escorting visitors
  • Reporting public disturbances
  • Connecting people with social services


  • Weed removal
  • Painting
  • Beautification of planters and landscaped beds


  • Greeting visitors
  • Providing tourism information and directions
  • Connecting with business owners and residents

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