Downtown Fort Worth

Fort Worth, Texas

The Downtown Ambassador Program is the hospitality service team provided by the Downtown Public Improvement District (PID). The Ambassadors are circulating throughout downtown in their vibrant green pick up, on foot, on bicycles, and on Segways assisting visitors, creating a friendly and welcoming environment, and adding extra eyes and ears on the street.

Downtown Ambassadors Hours: 
Sunday – Saturday 7 am – 12 am.

On Duty Supervisor 817-484-3723

The Downtown Ambassador Team provides the following services:

  • Hospitality Services
  • Directions
  • Safety Escorts
  • Coordination with Clean Team
  • Coordination with Security Providers
  • Homelessness Outreach
  • Referrals to Social Services

The Downtown Ambassador Team expanded to include an Outreach Coordinator in early 2020.The Outreach Coordinator joined the team to focus on building relationships with homeless individuals to provide strategic case-level management directing them to needed services.

Outreach Coordinator Contact:

Program managed by Block by Block. Block by Block operates programs in over 100 districts nationwide, including seven districts in Texas.

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