As we all know, the continued spread of the Delta Variant of COVID-19 is a big deal. Unfortunately, the ongoing situation related to COVID requires each of us to run a mental risk analysis before we set out to do practically anything in daily life. We know – it’s getting really old, but unfortunately that’s just the world we live in now.

Over the last two weeks, our team gathered information and listened to feedback so we could make some important decisions before hitting the play button on our Connect & Share meeting. As you can imagine when you host a big event, once you press play it’s really hard and expensive to press stop.

Unfortunately, our excitement needs to take a back seat to safety. While we know our team needs to get together for camaraderie, team building and reconnecting around the mission of Block by Block, we’ve had to weigh the implications on the overall system if there was a positive case among our managers in attendance. It would be pretty devastating to our continuity of operations to have to quarantine that many managers.

Please know we’re not cancelling the meeting. We’re just not having it when we thought.
Please save the date for the week of March 7th, 2022 to join us in Houston (and Austin for customers!)

If you’re one of our fantastic managers, thanks for your patience and everything you do in taking care of your team! We’re asking that you also keep the originally planned week of November 1st flexible as we’re going to do some fun things virtually. (More to come on that at a later time!)

If you’re a customer, we hope to still see many of you in Tampa for the International Downtown Association conference in Oct!

It Takes Vision

Today, more than ever the ability to create and deliver on a vision will be important as downtowns recover, adjust to a new user mix and in some cases re-imagine themselves. The Houston Downtown Management District and the Downtown Austin Alliance have both delivered on lofty long term planning over the past several decades and are now at the forefront of charting a course well into the 21st century.
While operational aspects and priorities of both downtowns will be outlined as part of our gathering, we’ve worked to curate special learning opportunities around past and future long term planning of these two highly influential and well established organizations.

Here’s just a sample of what we’ll cover in both locations:


  • Special moderated Q&A session with the President and CEO of Central Houston, Bob Eury, who will be retiring at the end of the year. Bob will be sharing how a small downtown organization evolved and grew over his 30 years of leadership to become an important force in shaping not only downtown, but the city of Houston.
  • Overviews of key projects and work plans of Central Houston’s planning, marketing and operations departments
  • Tours of several exciting projects Central Houston and the Houston Downtown Management District have brought to life, which includes public space, infrastructure construction and economic development.


  • Learn about the strategic evolution of the Downtown Austin Alliance over the past decade and how it’s working to manage the city of Austin’s rapid growth in downtown.
  • We’ll dive into the strategic understanding required to be effective in working with both city and state government.
  • We’ll tour multiple public spaces that have been created through great public, private partnerships and managed by the Downtown Austin Alliance’s Foundation.
  • Make plans to stay through the weekend! The Austin Food and Wine Festival will be taking place; portions of which will be held in the amazing public spaces managed by the Downtown Austin Alliance. Also, the Austin Art Studio tour will be taking place, which is a great way to get a fantastic perspective of Austin’s art scene.