Posted on Friday June 21, 2024 by Decatur

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Downtown Decatur Launches New Clean and Safe Ambassador Program with Block by Block 

DECATUR, GA (June 22, 2024) – Block by Block is excited to announce the launch of a Clean and Safe Ambassador Program in Downtown Decatur, GA beginning May 29th, 2024, and lasting for a one-year trial period. The team is made up of six Ambassadors who will provide services primarily around The Square and Ponce De Leon Avenue.

The program is supported financially by the Decatur Downtown Development Authority, the tourism bureau and the city. The funds that each entity had previously allocated toward other district service elements like public works cleaning and off-duty police officer security will now collectively go to support the efforts of the Block by Block Clean and Safe Ambassador Program. The new team will deliver pressure washing, beautification, landscaping, safety, graffiti abatement, weed removal, hospitality and more.

Planning and Economic Development Director Angela Threadgill said the team “would be providing a bit of public engagement [like] directions [and] recommendations for restaurants, but also business outreach, and that’s something we don’t have on a day-to-day basis…They’re going to be observing, they’re going to be reporting and reach out to our Square officer when it’s necessary. They’re going to be providing safety escorts.”

Block by Block has a robust history working in downtowns since their first program launched in Louisville, KY in 1995. More than strictly a clean and safe service provider, Block by Block has developed an optimized operating model built on best practices, research, development and modern technology that has attracted partners in more than 150 locations nationwide, including improvement districts, parks, college campuses, transit systems and other public spaces

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About Decatur Downtown Development Authority

The Decatur Downtown Development Authority and the citywide Decatur Development Authority were established by special State legislation. They are independent authorities established for the purpose of planning, organizing, and financing projects that will revitalize and redevelop Decatur’s commercial business districts. The Downtown Development Authority focuses on the historic commercial downtown central business district and works to market a positive image for the city. The citywide Development Authority was established to build on the success of the Downtown Development Authority. It is empowered to work with neighborhood business districts and other commercial zoning districts in the city. The Development Authorities are staffed by Angela Threadgill, Planning & Economic Development Director. Call 404-371-8386 or email