Houston Downtown Management District

Houston, Texas

The Houston Downtown Management District is a governmental agency formed by Houston Central Business stakeholders to improve the quality of the downtown experience. The District has facilitated many of the public and private projects that have transformed downtown over the last decade. The District began its revitalization efforts in 1995. To accelerate the renewal of the city’s urban core, the District set several important goals with quality of life as the underlying theme: building a lasting constituency for downtown; recruiting investors, retailers and tenants while retaining those already downtown; and making downtown clean, safe and attractive.

The Operations Center’s focus is to provide a clean and safe environment to over 350 blocks in the Central Business and North Warehouse District(s). To accomplish this in 2011 we initiated the Downtown Public Safety Guide program that serve as ambassadors to the general public as well as additional eyes and ears for the Houston Police Department. Additionally, we manage various capital improvement projects. Currently, we are undergoing renovations of Dallas St and Main St Soon, we will be starting the Allen Parkway projects.

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Number of Blocks 350 - Serving Since: 2015