Midtown Baltimore CBD

Baltimore, Maryland

Block by Block provides supplemental cleaning services to the 144 block area of the Midtown Community Benefits District in central Baltimore. This includes four distinct communities: Bolton Hill, Charles North, Madison Park, and Mount Vernon.


  • Removes litter from streets, sidewalks, gutter lines, tree pits, bus stops, storm drains, and parks using mechanized equipment and broom & dustpans for detailed work

  • Empties of 187 trash cans, 7 days per week

  • Provides bulk trash removal

  • Removes graffiti and stickers using chemicals and power washer from from street signs, light poles, trash cans, and bus stops

  • Inspects and cleans alleyways on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

  • Hand wipes vertical surfaces i.e., trash receptacles, benches, lamp posts doggie stations


  • Maintains 20+ acres of public greenspaces, including 25 parks

  • Provides tree and tree pit stewardship, including mulching, pruning, and watering

  • Supports community tree and park stewardship through various channels

  • Assists community associations (and/or groups) with tree plantings and pruning events

  • Promotes tree and park stewardship by sharing best practices with a goal towards increasing community involvement

  • Promotes certification opportunities through public and private partners

  • Provides seasonal leaf management service

  • Offers sustainable green waste removal collection

  • Provides weeding along gutter lines and curbs. Owners are responsible for sidewalks and tree wells per city code.


  • Spring: mulch delivery, weeding, park planting beds, tree planting and watering, trash removal

  • Summer: edging, weeding, watering, trash removal

  • Fall: edging, weeding, tree planting and watering, trash removal

  • Winter: tree and shrub pruning, trash removal, tree canopy audit

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Number of Blocks 144 - Serving Since: 2021