Tenderloin CBD

San Francisco, California

The Tenderloin neighborhood is one of the most unique neighborhoods in one of the most unique cities in the United States, let alone the world. The Tenderloin requires a special kind of Cleaning and Maintenance Program which is unique, even amongst the other Bay Area Districts.

Our Clean Team, Block by Block in partnership with Downtown Streets Team, provides supplemental cleaning services, including weekly power washing, within the TLCBD boundaries. Call or text the Clean Team at 311, to report sidewalk conditions which pose a health or safety concern.


  • Sidewalk and gutter sweeping

  • Deodorizing where applicable

  • Sidewalk pressure washing

  • Hot spot pressure washing

  • Graffiti and sticker removal on public infrastructure

  • Needle pickup and safe removal

  • Proactive graffiti abatement within 24 hours on private property

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Number of Blocks 31 - Serving Since: 2017