Cleaning Services

Any janitor can clean, but an Ambassador understands the significance of the smallest details and knows the importance of their role in representing your space.

Cleaning Ambassadors are selected, trained and expected to add to the friendliness of the places they represent. A few items they pay attention to are:

  • Manual Cleaning Patrol – Ambassadors circulate through assigned areas with appropriate tools so that they can correct as many issues as they can in the public right of way, which can include removing litter, cigarette butts, graffiti, spills and stains, while also allowing them to wipe fixtures and other high interaction surfaces.
  • Emptying of Public Receptacles – Ambassadors can empty accumulated trash and recycling from public receptacles and replace can liners as necessary
  • Mechanical Litter Collection – Deploying litter vacuums can remove litter from sidewalks and clean curb lines in areas where cleaning Ambassadors working on foot would be far less efficient
  • Graffiti Removal – Prompt removal of tags (stickers, painted markings, etc.) from first-floor businesses and public infrastructure to prevent any new graffiti from popping up
  • Power Washing – Multiple types of power washing is suggested and often fits any budget. These includes:
    • Scheduled, Full Washing – from building line to curb line on a recurring basis
    • Spot Washing – addressing those areas of surfaces that frequently become grimy and dirty, along with providing the ability to tend to spills and stains
  • Weed Removal – Removing unwanted growth from building lines and curbs through either cutting, hand pulling or spraying, where applicable
  • Special Projects and Place-Making – Ambassadors can be utilized in flexible roles to address temporary needs, such as preparing for events, or to carry out a variety of additional projects that deliver long term visual impact, such as painting fixtures, cleaning and mulching of tree wells or mowing of public areas

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