Hospitality and Safety Services

Hospitality and Safety Services

The public’s perception of their own personal safety will be essential the success of your public space.

Our programs are built to help address perceptions through both tangible and intangible elements. A few key areas we focus on are:

  • Walking Patrols – The presence of friendly Ambassadors on foot in dense areas greeting and actively engaging the public will reinforce the perception that your area is safe and friendly
  • Bike Patrols – Ambassadors circulating through the area on bike allows us to expand visibility more efficiently, without losing connection with pedestrians.
  • Vehicle Patrols – Utilizing well-branded vehicles, Ambassadors will provide a consistent, recognizable presence to deter unwanted activity and enhance perceptions. Ambassadors can add an extra level of value by providing motorists assistance for jump starts, lockouts or flat tires.
  • Business Contacts – Ambassadors will provide a quick check-in with first-floor businesses to keep information flowing
  • Street Outreach Connections – All Ambassadors are trained to safely engage members of the street population so that we can build relationships and connect them with available services, when possible.
  • Reporting and Information Sharing – Ambassadors will track all activity in the SMART System, which allows us to measure productivity, share trends with local partners and develop necessary reports to forward important details, such as Incident Reports. The SMART System also allows us to chronicle interactions with members of the Street Population so that we can tell the story of our interaction history with each person.

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