Outreach Services

The issues involving the Street Population are more complex than ever.

There is a need to not only understand and connect with members of the Street Population, but to have a well-formulated plan for outreach.

  • Social Service Outreach – Our Social Service Outreach Coordinators are experts in their field and are trained to engage the most vulnerable members of our society to determine what needs might be fulfilled and encourage a connection with known service providers in our community. Block by Block has developed a comprehensive approach and plan for outreach. Our plan is highly effective in engaging various partners in assisting individuals at a time when there are no short-term fixes to the many drivers of what’s keeping people on the streets.
  • Assessments – Our Social Service Outreach Manager is available to perform assessments of your district or area. As part of this street outreach will occur to understand the trends that are keeping people on the street and to understand individual’s perceptions of the local social service system. Also, as part of the site assessment, we will work to engage social service partners to understand their services, engagement processes and challenges they face in helping the local street population.

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