Memphis Medical District Collaborative

Memphis, Tennessee

Clean & Safe Streets

Litter, graffiti, and crime – or the perception of crime –  deters pedestrian activity, economic vibrancy, and investments. This is why MMDC and its partners prioritize keeping the District clean and safe for every worker, resident, and visitor.  MMDC deploys a range of tactics including our Ambassador Team; coordination with existing security and law enforcement agencies; graffiti and litter removal; and landscape enhancements to make sure the District is safe and inviting for everyone.

MMDC’s Ambassador Program

The 10 Memphis Medical District Ambassadors focus on keeping the District clean and inviting.  They are approachable and welcoming for visitors, employees, students and residents.  Ambassadors can help with directions or offer suggestions for places to eat and visit in the District.  They also ensure that the District is free of weeds, litter, and graffiti.

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Number of Blocks 50 - Serving Since: 2016