Cities and Municipalities

Cities and Municipalities

Cities and municipalities can benefit from the work of Ambassadors programs.

More than ever, cities and municipal budgets are strapped. There is a never-ending amount of work to be accomplished with fewer and fewer resources to do so. Cities are looking for solutions that blur the lines between multiple departments, as it relates to the scope of work of various departments.

Cities are looking for efficiencies and sole-source solutions, which is where a Block by Block Ambassador program can play an invaluable role. Cities can benefit from the following services provided by Ambassadors:

  • General cleaning services, such as emptying of trash receptacles and sweeping of sidewalks
  • Graffiti removal services
  • Park maintenance
  • Mowing and trimming
  • Power washing
  • Social service outreach
  • Safety Ambassadors to leverage the effectiveness of local law enforcement

Check out oure Case Studies from Bay Ridge and Long Beach to see how we deliver for Cities and Municipalities.

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