Transit Programs

Transit Programs

Like our other sectors, transit systems benefit from the work of Ambassadors through their shared need for improving not only how their visitors feel about the environment, but also the overall experience.

Transit systems are invaluable assets in mitigating overcrowded roads and highways in rapidly growing cities. They can also recognize new revenue if visitors find public transit to be a good experience. We all know the cost-effectiveness of transit far outweighs ride sharing or taxis. However, none of these benefits can be recognized unless the transit experience feels relatively safe, clean and easy to navigate.

Friendly, well-trained Ambassadors can be a highly effective addition to transit systems. Below are just a few of the tangible and intangible benefits of deploying Ambassadors within transit systems:

  • Transit Ambassadors are more proactive in creating positive engagement when they see someone that is trying to figure out the best route on a map or trying to navigate buying a fare
  • A highly visible, uniformed Transit Ambassador provides a reassuring presence to provide confirmation that the system is safe (most Transit Ambassadors are positioned near the fare gates, not in booths)
  • This presence of Transit Ambassadors at station entrances is a significant deterrent to unwanted activity, and can lead to reduced fare evasion and increased revenue
  • Transit Ambassadors can also be deployed into the transit system to add an extra layer of safety, reassuring visitors and serving as extra eyes and ears for Transit Police
  • Our Transit Programs provide cost-effectiveness over internal solutions and more flexibility in changing deployment

Check out our Transit Programs Best Practices, which we have perfected in serving our customers of the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA).

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