Campus Services

Campus Services

Now more than ever, colleges and universities are competing to provide the best campus experience to their students and staff.

Not only are they enhancing their campuses and expanding amenities, they are now also reliant on the overall perception and experience of the student population. Because perceptions can be driven by both safety and cleanliness, Block by Block has found that one negative safety-related incident, whether on or off campus, can quickly make students, parents and even staff question the overall campus experience.

Friendly, trained Campus Ambassadors can be invaluable in proactively creating a great on or off campus experience. In fact, our Ambassadors can provide a variety of services to drive positive perceptions, which can include the following:

  • Establishing a highly visible, uniformed presence to reinforce positive perceptions
  • Offering on-call safety escorts
  • Providing a cost-effective force multiplier to campus police
  • Creating a deterrent through cleaning, such as removing litter, graffiti and weeds

Block by Block’s Campus Ambassadors can create a highly unique amenity for your students and staff. This can be a positive differentiator for students, parents and potential professors as they are selecting a college or university from which to learn and teach.

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